Multi-Slice CT


Computed Tomography (CT) combines the use of X-rays with the latest computer technology to create cross-sectional images of your body. As a result, CT is an ideal way to accurately view the size, shape and position of structures such as the lungs, liver, kidneys and other internal organs. The first CTs had a single imaging detector but now Multi-Detector technology has quickly become the new "gold standard". Our Toshiba Multi-Detector CT scanner is the first in the South Valley area. This CT scanner produces high-resolution images of any body part in just seconds. As compared with traditional single slice scanners, our machine has the following advantages:

  • Much Faster Scan Times 
  •  Enables scanning of the heart for coronary artery disease
  • Breath-hold requirements are much shorter
  • Better results with moving parts Much Higher Resolution
  • Detect disease at a higher level of accuracy
  • Images as thin as 0.5 mm can be reconstructed in 3D Lower IV Contrast Dose
  • Significantly faster scan time requires less contrast
  • A new dual cylinder injector coordinates a saline bolus with contrast administration, further lowering the contrast dose Lower Radiation Dose
  • Multiple detectors reduces the radiation requirement
  • Dose is changed in real time with respect to tissue density More Comfort
  • Opening of the CT is larger
  • Table weight limit has increased (500+ lbs)